GNU/Linux server maintenance

We have 15 years experience in maintaining GNU/Linux and BSD servers. A few hundred servers have been installed, configured and shaped to perform to the needs of the moment for companies like GeCAD Software and Avira GmbH.

Open Source Applications

During this interval a large number of applications have been developed and a part of them got an open source license which allows their distribution towards the community.

"laboule" - a client/server software written in bash that supervises dynamic firewalls.

"PXE LiveCD" - ISO images that allow the rapid deployment of servers.

"screencapt" - a project that automates the screen capture of XFree software - without the need to install XFree libraries directly in the server's OS.

"peter's public key server" - a gnupg/gpg keyserver implementation written in perl. it follows The OpenPGP HTTP Keyserver Protocol (HKP).

"daemontools scripts" - a collection of scripts that enhance D.J. Bernstein's daemontools.

"fix_eth_order" - bash script that reorders the network interfaces on a server with static /dev and a monolithic kernel

Contributions have been made to existing Open-Source projects. Amongst them a large number of patches have been sent to SELinux (a kernel module that allows the finegrained control of processes via security policies). As Hardened Gentoo developer a number of software packets have been maintained.