During the years our staff have gained experience in different fields and with different business partners

Some of the research results obtained from surveys were showcased by our staff at various congresses, conferences and symposiums that took place in Houston, Pittsburgh, Las Vegas, Colorado Springs and Fort Lauderdale (SUA), Toronto (Canada), Sidney (Australia), Bath (Great Britain), Viena (Austria), Delft (Holand), Budapesta (Hungary), Berlin (Germany), Chişinău (R. Moldova), at national thermotechnics conferences at Bucureşti, Braşov, Piteşti, Craiova and Galaţi, at the European TEMPUS Program seminary - Bucureşti, conferences on construction and architecture thematics held at Bucureşti, Cluj and Iaşi.

Interesting results were published in Antreprenorul, Măsurări şi Automatizări, Instalatorul, Construct Design, Tribuna Construcţiilor.