Measurement of environmental conditions

Thermal images of an objective are not enough to draw conclusions regarding observed defects. Environmental conditions need to be measured not only to calibrate the thermal images but also in order to get the context in which those images are obtained. Additionally, data loggers can be used to observe the variation of values in time.

Specifications of the equipment we are using are presented below:

Temperature measurement with contact probes

deviceFluke 80PK-1 K-type
measurement range-40 - 260°C
deviceGE Protimeter MMS
reading range-10 - 50°C
reading accuracy±0.3°C

Temperature measurement in fluids

deviceFluke 80PK-2A K-Type
measurement range-40 - 982°C
deviceKimo VT100 thermo anemometer
reading range-20 - 80°C
accuracy±2% ±0.2°C
deviceLM 8000 K-Type
reading range-100 - 1300°C
deviceEBRO data logger
reading range-40 - 75°C
deviceOMEGA OM-PLTH data logger
reading range-40 - 65°C

Humidity measurement

deviceEBRO data logger
sensor typecapacitive
reading range5% - 95% rH
deviceOmega OM-PLTH data logger
reading range0% - 95% rH
deviceLM 8000
reading range10% - 95% rH
deviceGE Protimeter MMS
reading range30% - 40% rH
accuracy±2.5% rH @ 20°C
reading range40% - 98% rH
accuracy±2% rH @ 20°C

Fluid pressure measurement

deviceOmega OM-PLPT data logger
reading range0 - 500 psi
accuracy±3 psi

Fluid flow speed measurement

deviceLM 8000
anemometer reading range0.4 - 30m/s
anemometer accuracy±4%
deviceKimo VT100 thermo anemometer
anemometer reading range0 - 30m/s
anemometer accuracy±3%
air flow reading range0 - 2000 m3/s
air flow accuracy10 m3/s

CO and CO2 concentration measurement

deviceHOBO H11 CO concentration measurement
channel 1 reading range0.2 - 124.3 ppm
channel 1 accuracy±4.5 ppm
channel 1 resolution0.5 ppm
channel 2 reading range1 - 497.1 ppm
channel 2 accuracy±6 ppm
channel 2 resolution2 ppm
channel 3 reading range4 - 1998 ppm
channel 3 accuracy±12 ppm
channel 3 resolution8 ppm
deviceTelaire 7001 CO2 concentration measurement
reading range0 - 10000 ppm
accuracy±50 ppm

Data logging

system typedata logger
sampling interval1 - 10000 s
samples30000 x 2 channels
deviceOmega OM-PLTH
system typedata logger
sampling interval1 - 64800 s
samples10750 x 2 channels
deviceOmega OM-PLPT
system typedata logger
sampling interval1 - 64800 s
samples10750 x 2 channels
deviceRaynger PM40
system typevoltage output
deviceRaytek MI 105
system typecurrent or voltage output
deviceTelaire 7001
system typevoltage output
deviceFluke 187 RMS multimeter
voltage DC0 - 1000 V ±(0.025%+5)
voltage AC0 - 1000 V ±(0.4%+40)
current DC0 - 10 A ±(0.15%+2)
current AC0 - 10 V ±(0.75%+40)
resistance0 - 500 MΩ ±(0.05%+2)