LiveCD description

The following two ISO images can be used either to create bootable CDs or as virtual CDs accepted by HP Integrated Lights-Out (iLo) and Inteligent Platform Management Interface (IPMI).

The livecd-pxe version implements a preboot execution environment (PXE) and that helps in case a large number of servers need to be installed in the same network segment.

size68 Mbytes
release date2017-01-19

size120 Mbytes
release date2015-02-06

How to check the download

In order to check the integrity of your downloaded file run sha512sum on the .iso and compare it to the values within .iso.DIGESTS

  sha512sum livecd-tiny-2017.01-amd64.iso
  cat livecd-tiny-2017.01-amd64.iso.DIGESTS

Burn a CD

'cdrecord' can be used to burn the ISO image onto an empty CD:

  cdrecord livecd-tiny-2017.01-amd64.iso # or
  cdrecord livecd-pxe-2015.02-amd64.iso

grub2 interface

The '-tiny' iso image can be directly booted from grub2.

copy the file to /boot:
  mount /boot     # optional
  cp -f livecd-tiny-2017.01-amd64.iso /boot
  ln -fs livecd-tiny-2017.01-amd64.iso /boot/rescuecd
add a menuentry to the grub.cfg file: (in this case /boot is the /dev/sda1 partition)
menuentry 'rescue' {
  set iso=(hd0,msdos1)/rescuecd
  loopback loop ${iso}
  linux  (loop)/isolinux/bzImage root=/dev/ram0 init=/linuxrc looptype=squashfs loop=image.squashfs cdroot net.ifnames=0 isoboot=rescuecd
  initrd (loop)/isolinux/initramfs.igz

pxelinux interface

The contents of livecd-tiny-2017.01-amd64.iso can also be used as a rescue system bootable from a PXE environment

you will have to unpack all the contents of livecd-tiny-2017.01-amd64.iso into a 'simplexcd' directory in your tftp root and add these lines to 'pxelinux.cfg/default':
label simplexcd 64bit
  kernel /simplexcd/isolinux/bzImage
  append initrd=/simplexcd/isolinux/initramfs.igz root=/dev/ram0 init=/linuxrc looptype=squashfs cdroot net.ifnames=0 netboot=
replace '' with the IP from where a web server that is able to provide the image.squashfs file obtained above.