Software controlled audio mixer

Part of an audio amplifier, this module controls the volume levels on 12 channels by giving commands to 6 PGA2311 Texas Instruments ICs. If the input is only stereo, a front to rear pan function is also provided by one of those chips.

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The module acts as an I2C slave and commands can be given to change the volume and to mute the channels independently. the PGA2311s are not daisy-chained, so partial board population is supported.

The final product can be controlled either via RC5 remote control codes or by a ncurses-based UI from a linux computer that connects to the amplifier with an FTDI-based serial UART or a bluetooth SPP connection.

Both the hardware and the software are licensed as Open Source

project nameampy
module size100x100x10mm
PCB layers4
prototype imagesalbum